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We live in a small town in the Cumberland Plateau area of Tennessee. We are within a few miles of Sgt Alvin York's homestead.  Beautiful mountains, rolling hills with green pastures, lots of waterfalls and an abundance of wild life of every kind.  If that isn't enough, we are at the heart of the Hwy 127 Longest Yard Sale held every August.

We were on a quest to find a dog for my brother when we discovered the Biewers.  It was love at first sight when we saw this wonderful and rare breed from Germany.  Right then we started to search and research this amazing breed and decided we wanted these little dogs in our lives.  What wonderful family dogs they are!  So loving, loyal, intelligent, funny and easy going.  Plus they are hypoallergenic with zero shedding.

Having made the decision that we wanted to be involved in this wonderful breed, we set out to learn as much as we could.  Our top priority was to produce excellent quality Biewers that help to improve the breed as set by the breed standard.  We are particularly interested in producing healthy beautiful puppies that can go into the show ring to win or into loving homes.

Joell and Julianna von der Hemsbach, sisters, were our first Biewers imported from Germany.  It was love at first sight and then came our wonderful little man Basilio who arrived from Canada.


We love to talk about our dogs and upcoming litters, or just about the breed in general. When we proudly became the first Biewer Breeders to ever produce a litter of 10 beautiful and healthy puppies, a dear friend made for us this wonderful photo of all ten of our babies in a crib.  We love the photo so much and it will forever remind us of a most joyous and wonderful experience.

We welcome your call (931) 644-0662 or you can email us at www.rddyboy1@gmail.com  or www.info@americanbiewers.net.   If you are interested in purchasing one of our puppies, then we are interested in learning more about you. We want to make sure our puppies are going to be loved as much as we love them and that they receive the proper care so the transition is easy going.  Our babies are very important to us.  At American Biewers we guarantee our puppies to be in excellent health when they leave us and they remain guaranteed for two years against any life threatening congenital defects.
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Good judgement comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgement!!!!
MY NEW TOY!!!!! text.
This was my most favorite car of all times!!!!

What can
I say!!!!
(I love this dog!!!!).
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